Dividend dates

Our dividends are usually paid twice a year. If a shareholder has provided details for a mandate to be set up, dividends will be paid direct to a bank or building society account. Otherwise, dividends will be sent by cheque. We also have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) available, so shareholders may elect to reinvest their dividends to buy additional shares.

Financial Year Dividend Amount Ex-dividend Date Record date Payment date
12m to Jan 2017 Interim 2.7p 6th October 2016 7th October 2016 18th November 2016
12m to Jan 2017 Final 5.8p 11th May 2017 12th May 2017 30th June 2017
12m to Jan 2017 Total 8.5p
12m to Jan 2016 Interim 2.2p 8th October 2015 9th October 2015 19th November 2015
12m to Jan 2016 Final 5.0p 12th May 2016 13th May 2016 30th June 2016
12m to Jan 2016 Total 7.2p
12m to Jan 2015 Final 4.1p 4th June 2015 5th June 2015 30th June 2015
12m to Jan 2015 Total 4.1p

Additional information on dividends

For dividends paid prior to the 5th April 2016 tax vouchers were issued stating the amount of tax credit paid on each dividend. With effect from 6th April 2016 the UK 10% tax credit on dividends was abolished and replaced with a £5,000 tax-free allowance and tax vouchers by dividend confirmations .

For shareholders who receive dividends direct to a bank account then an annual dividend confirmation is issued, for cheque payments a dividend confirmation is produced for each payment.

Further information on dividends is available on the 'Frequently asked questions' page on the Saga Shareholder Services Portal - www.sagashareholder.co.uk. - registration is by investor code (IVC).