Our award winning insurance business is the largest part of the Saga Group, providing tailored products and services ranging from motor to pet insurance to over 2 million customers per year. Across our insurance business our focus is on building products based on customer insight, ensuring the customer experience, and then sourcing the best possible provider for the product. This can be in-house or through the best available third-party providers.

Motor Insurance

Saga is one of the leading providers of motor insurance solutions to the over 50s market. We have worked to capitalise on our competitive advantages within the motor insurance market to continue to grow the business. These include: a low cost of acquisition due to our brand and database covering 11.2m of the UK’s over 50s; a differentiated retailer, Saga Services, with access to our newly launched panel of underwriters; the participation on the panel of our own experienced in-house underwriter, AICL, with a clear focus and data-driven insight into a relatively low risk section of the market; and an efficient and effective claims management function.

Home Insurance

We are a leading provider of Home Insurance for the over 50s. We operate a panel of partner companies that provide the underwriting for our products. This provides us with access to a broad range of underwriters with different areas of expertise.

Other Insurance

Our other Insurance activities are driven largely by Private Medical Insurance (‘PMI’) and Travel Insurance. We focus on building products based on customer insight and ensuring the customer experience, sourcing the best possible third-party product providers in most areas.